Tarocco Oranges
and other Sicilian products

Convenient delivery
in Luxembourg

Opening in November 2018


December 2018

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What We Do

We deliver our own Tarocco oranges from our fields in Sicily to your place in Luxembourg,
plus other local home-made farm products.


Agricultural products
grown or processed in Sicily
by small producers, like me.


Home-made farm products, 
in compliance with food safety standards.
No food additives.

Direct selling

Monthly deliveries
to Luxembourg from
December to March/Avril.

Who We Are

Small farmer in Sicily and direct seller in Luxembourg

I am a small producer selling the produce that I grow in Eastern Sicily: pesticide-free Tarocco oranges and lemons, citrus marmalade, olive oil and capers. In addition, I offer a selection of hand-crafted farm products, combined with a friendly delivery service.

I started helping my father in our family orchard very young. We used to sell our produce to local intermediaries who made big profits, as they set their own price.

Now I am an independent producer in Sicily and I sell to professionals and employees in Luxembourg. I create value for local farm products by processing in Sicily and direct selling activities in Luxembourg.


Eastern Sicily: ideal environment for citrus production

My citrus orchards are located on the rolling hills on the outskirts of Francofonte, a village not far from Syracuse, in Eastern Sicily. Our special location within the territories around Mount Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe, helps us grow the most delicious orange on the Italian market today: the Tarocco variety.


Our’s Achievement

25 tons+ Orange production per year

% delivered outside Italy
Geographical areas served

Salvatore Di Marco

Small farmer in Sicily and
direct seller in Luxembourg

via Corsica 54
Cap 96015 Francofonte (SR) - Italia

+39 3333611138 (IT) / +352 621148112 (LU)


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