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Small citrus growers for generations with an eye toward what’s next

My family has been growing citrus for three generations in Eastern Sicily, a magical territory well known for its ideal environmental conditions perfectly suited for the most delicious citrus on the Italian market today: the Tarocco variety orange. I remember watching my dad do all the work in the orchards himself, and I learned by doing with him and watching the nature. We used to sell our produce to local intermediaries who made big profits, as they set their own price.

When my father retired, for me it was quite obvious to take over the family orchards even though the citrus market was in crisis. Inspired by the challenge of achieving sufficient autonomy to sell our production at a fair price, in 2007 came an idea for a seasonal delivery service in Luxembourg, where my daughter Imma still lives. From December to March/Avril, we provide our locally rooted products by using a web-based ordering system and we deliver to selected delivery points during the harvest season.

We noticed that more and more consumers were not only seeking healthy products, but they also wanted sustainable food products. In view of those considerations, in 2013 we see an opportunity to increase sales by processing our citrus into home-made jams, with no food additives and in compliance with health and safety rules. In 2015 we decide to bring as well selected products direct from small-batch producers in Sicily to Luxembourg, supporting local small farmers’ savoir-faire.

Our Values

“It's not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.” - Roy Disney

Human health

Agro-ecological farming contribute to deliver healthier food.

Community revival

Food production by family farmers and small scale-oriented food systems are powerful drivers of economic prosperity of local communities.

Environmental wholeness

Responsible agriculture is a must to preserve biodiversity and safeguard the health of our environment.

Job fairness

Food systems where small producers gain a fairer value to their job with decent living wages improve their economic and social conditions.

Salvatore Di Marco

Small farmer in Sicily and
direct seller in Luxembourg

via Corsica 54
Cap 96015 Francofonte (SR) - Italia

+39 3333611138 (IT) / +352 621148112 (LU)


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