Why did we join Réseau Solidairement?

Why did we join Réseau Solidairement?

Promoting the consumption of products grown on small land where ecological farming is practiced and local varieties are favored? Connecting small growers to small grocery stores and end-consumers? Closing the distribution gap in underserved communities? Here are some reasons why we decided to join "Réseau Solidairement"!

In 2017 we became a member of Réseau Solidairement to jump to a new food reality and offer our products of Sicily on a platform which connects consumers located in Belgium, in the Province of Luxembourg, directly with small-scale food producers, mainly located in Belgium but also from abroad for non locally-sourced products. Consumers are thus able to purchase food directly from the selected producers in a short chain logic.

Réseau Solidairement allows us to sell our products directly, at a fair price and with reasonable sales conditions, without intermediaries. It also allows us to participate and support a foreign community-led initiative for food sovereignty.

Since we deliver our products to Luxembourg on a monthy basis, we also offer our products on the website https://www.reseausolidairement.be/. Buyers, which are mainly small retail stores, register their order in the system and then we receive the order summary. Upon arrival of the products to Luxembourg, we prepare the boxes for each buyer while Réseau staff is responsible for collecting them at one of our delivery points and distributing to buyers.

Réseau Solidairement

Located in Belgium, in the Province of Luxembourg, Réseau Solidairement is a tool for those who wish to preserve artisanal small-batches, local and seasonal food, and to improve access to healthy and sustainable food. Réseau Solidairement has developed an innovative distribution model that combines an online ordering system, the collection of products directly from the producers and the delivery to local grocery stores and restaurants. In 2017, it became a cooperative to continue to grow in the Province of Luxembourg.

This initiative was the winner of the Godefroid du Développement Durable and finalist of the Grand Prix des Générations Futures 2016.

It also won the prestigious award of the Wallon region for social economy 2011.

Réseau Solidairement SCRLFS
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6880 Acremont
(Belgique, Province de Luxembourg)

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