How It Works

Monthly deliveries from November to April


• Our online shop will be opening at least 15 days prior to each monthly delivery.
• The Delivery Calendar is disclosed in October.


Sign up for free for online ordering. You can also email us or call us to place your order.
• Choose your favorite Delivery Point from a selected list.
• Add your Delivery Point for orders of 40kg at least.

Delivery Schedule Notification

• Delivering within different time slots set for each Delivery Point.
• Option to change delivery time slot and its corresponding Delivery Point, if the one originally requested is no longer convenient.


• Free delivery.
• Delivery sites: private address, offices and community locations.
• Deliveries within 7/8 days after the harvest.

Delivery Points

Our Delivery Points can be your business address, residential address and any community locations (open-to-the public sites such as libraries, museums, private retailers,…).

Additional Delivery Point?

When you place an order, additional locations can be added to our list of possibilities. There is a minimum order requirement of 40 kg per location. New Delivery Points must be located in one of the following areas:

1) Luxembourg: Luxembourg city, Bertrange, Hesperange, Niederanven, Strassen, Bettembourg, Dudelange, Esch-sur-Alzette.

2) France: Moselle.


  • DEGROOF PETERCAM, 12 rue E. Ruppert L-2453
  • DROSBACH, 12 rue G. Kroll L-1882
  • EUROFORUM, 10 rue R. Stumper L-2557
  • PWC CHRYSTAL PARK, Staff entrance


  • AMAZON, 16 Rue E. Steichen L-2540
  • ECA, K1 entrance
  • EIB, before the security line
  • EU PARLIAMENT, in front of Hotel Melia
  • EUROSTAT, 5 Rue Alphonse Weicker, L-2721
  • KPMG, 39 Av. J.F. Kennedy L-1855
  • PARKING in front of the European School
  • T2 BUILDING, 1-7 Bld Pierre Frieden L-1543


  • LUXFIDUCIA, 20 Av. Pasteur L-2310


  • JESUITS COMMUNITY, 25 Av. G. Diderich


  • AGILE PARTNERS, 20A  Rue du Puits Romain,  ZI. Bourmicht


  • PRIVATE ADDRESS, 30 Mielstrachen, L-6942


  • Centre scolaire «Am Sand», L-6999


  • PRIVATE ADDRESS, 8 Rue Joseph Biwer, L-1239


  • PARKING in front of McDonald's, Rue du Bois


  • Residence Fonatinebleu, 24 Rue du Nord L-3261
  • Residence Versailles, 13 Rue du Nord L-3261


  • CNA, 1 Rue du Centenaire, L-3475


  • PARKING Voltaire, F-57300


  • PRIVATE ADDRESS, 2 rue Paul Albert F-57100
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Delivery Calendar

Saturday Delivery?

You can request Saturday delivery, provided that your delivery address is within the designated Delivery Zone. No delivery fees are charged.

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