Our Values

“It's not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are” - Roy Disney

Working with the nature

- We consider the soil as a living organism and we perpetuate its own fertility and structural balance (sand, clay, limestone and humus) by using ecological farming techniques, such as minimal mechanized work in the fields, organic-mineral fertilization allowed in organic farming, mulching...

- We belive that biodiversity and interaction are the keys. We therefore diversify into heritage orange varieties and we combine citrus and olive trees with other fruit trees (wild pear, figs, plums, mandarins, pomegranates and some vineyards), shrubs, herbs, flowers into a productive landscale.

- Our orchards are home to abundant wildlife with areas of uncultivated land and plants, shrubs and wild herbs growing around our trees as natural habitats for insects, bees, lizards and local wildlife.

Producing high quality products

- Quality it’s about the pleasure of enjoying good food. Our fresh citrus and small batch, artisan food products are healthy and tasty having flavour and nutrient content since we only produce in-season and harvest when fruits are ripe and ready to harvest (from December to March/April for citrus; November for olives).

- Our products are safe to consume: no chemical pesticides (insecticides, herbicides, fungicides) in production, but we do not maintain an organic certification; no artificial food additives (coloring, preservatives) in our jams.

- Once a year, we send a sample of our oranges to an accredited laboratory for pesticide multi-residue testing to prove that no pesticide residues are found in our oranges. Regarding our marmelades, we offer information to consumers about ingredients and the nutrition facts labels confirm their low sugar content.

Growing social networks

- We made a choice in relation to our sales channels which reflects the importance of human relationships in our activity. We offer pick on your own service to local consumers; we use short food supply chains to reach non-local consumers (Luxembourg: The Orange Girl, Belgium: Coopérative Reseau Solidaraiment); we rely on a local producers cooperative to sell the oranges for processing.

- We participate to farmers markets in Belgium and France, like the French farmer market in Avioth which is organised by the association Maison de Partage. They provide us with a great opportunity to create connections and friendships with all actors around them (consumers, other small producers and market organisers).

- We are committed to promoting new knowledge experiences both for our small company and for the re-evaluation of our territory by organizing visits and guided walks in our orchards.