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Products: fresh and processed fresh vegetables
Area of production: Villasmundo (Syracuse) - Sicily, Italy
Organic Certification: ongoing convertion

Pangea is a social farm organized in a cooperative. It initiated its activity in November 2016 via the "Policoro Project" of the Italian Catholic Church, an Italian initiative aimed at offering support to unemployed and underemployed youth to give them the capacity to enter the labour market.

Today Pangea is made up of 6 members farming around 3 hectares of land located in the rural area surrounding Villasmundo village, in the province of Syracuse. Pangea decided to enter into organic farming from the beginning of the project while the land have remained unused for twenty years.

Pangea's objectives are: the labour market integration of unemployed or disadvantaged young people; the revival of the local rural area, both from an environmental and economic point of view; developing knowledge and understanding of the countryside and nature as well as human health.

Activities: open field vegetable production by using organic methods; direct sale and local product sale (km0); organization of thematic events aimed at raising awareness on food, environmental sustainability and traditional crops.