Producer Profile


Azienda Agricola Airone S.S.

Products: Aromatic and medicinal herbs, essential oils
Area of production: Noto (Syracuse) - Sicily, Italy
Organic Certification: since 2011

Airone farm is dedicated to growing and processing aromatic and medicinal herbs, taking into account spontaneous plants and native varieties.

The farm is about 6,5 hectares and it is located on the hills of Iblei Mountains, near Noto town, in the province of Syracuse. The farm is not far from the trail Scala di Mastra Ronna in the northern part of Cavagrande del Cassibile, a protected Natural Reserve which is listed as a Site of Community Importance (“SCI”).

Growing and processing

Herbs are cultivated by hand. Harvest is up to 40% of the herb. Humidity and temperature are controlled during the drying process.


Batch traceability in all steps of production from growing, harvesting, drying, cleaning, packing, storage and shipping operations.


All of the herbs are certified organic according to EU Regulation n. 834/2007.

HACCP is applied in herb processing.

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