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Na.Ma. Srl

Products: Almonds (Avola, Fascionello and Corrente Siciliana), hazelnuts, pistachios, creams and almond paste
Area of production: Avola (Syracuse) - Sicily, Italy
Partner of Avola Almond Consortium

NA.MA was founded by Tiralongo family in the early '900 in Avola, a charming little town in Sicily in the province of Syracuse known for its famous "Avola almond" cultivar. Today Mr. Giuseppe Tiralongo runs the familz company together with his sons.

NA.MA farms its own almond orchards as well as buys from other local selected growers.

Activities: harvest, selection, packaging and distribution of the following almond variaties: Avola, Fascionello e Corrente Siciliana. NA.MA is also a supplier of hazelnuts, pistachios and semi-finished products for professional chefs and end consumers.

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