Producer Profile


Salvatore Di Marco

Products: Citrus, olives, extra vergin olive oil
Area of production: Francofonte (Syracuse) - Sicily, Italy

I am a third-generation farmer that grows oranges, lemons and olives on a small orchard on the rolling hills on the outskirts of Francofonte, a small village in east of Sicily.

With approximately 1080 orange plants on 1.5 hectare of land and an average production of 25/35 tons per year, I use NPK organic mineral fertilizer rich in organic carbon for feeding the soil. No wax or resin coating is applied after the harvest.

Citrus are only picked when ripe during their growing season. I do not use any degreening process (post-harvest process where fruits are exposed to ethylene gas in specially built rooms to accelerate the natural colour change in fruit to the detriment of freshness and taste).

Inspired by the challenge of achieving sufficient autonomy to sell my production at a fair price, in 2007 came an idea for a seasonal delivery service in Luxembourg, where my daughter Imma still lives.

In 2013, we started processing our citrus into home-made jams and selling extra virgin olive oil from our olives. In 2015, we decided to bring as well selected products direct from small-batch producers in Sicily to Luxembourg, supporting local small producers’ savoir-faire.

Today, we are proud to provide locally rooted products by using a web-based ordering system and to deliver to selected delivery points in Luxembourg and France (Moselle).

Our purpose is to revive the family and small-scale farming in Sicily by using agroecological practices and direct marketing, while forging partnerships with Sicilian small producers and foreign consumers. 

Our activities: citrus and olives growing; processing citrus into hand-made marmalade; direct marketing of our own products; organising aggregation and distribution of products from small producers located in Sicily.